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Motivational Speaker...? What is a motivational speaker? What can a motivational speaker offer your company?

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker and the new emerging markets.

The meeting industry has seen some changes in the last 3 years but so did the entire world and few if any industries remained unaffected. Change is the nature of existence and the adaptation to change the greatest and most valuable of all virtues.

And hence in the emerging new environment of the meeting industry and motivational speaking the term 'motivational speaker' it has turned unfashionable. The rationale is that since the budgets in the meeting industry are leaner, the mood subdued and the pressure turned on; what companies and organizations are after is ROI (return on investment) rather than mere motivation or inspiration.

The Fraud Awareness Seminar benefits all industry professionals who are involved in either loan production, quality control, risk management, auditing, compliance monitoring, or loan closing activities.

As far as I am concerned changing the name is not a change at all, just like cosmetic surgery you are the same person of the same age while trying to lure others to think you are different.

Motivation and Inspiration as far as I am concerned
are commodities that are now in demand more than ever before.

Now, when organizations are undergoing changes and meeting adversity, now is the time to awaken the spirit and spur the resilience of the individual and the organization as a whole. For the motivational speaker that takes pride in his charter and purpose; now is the time to delivers strong messages, reminding corporate or otherwise audiences that the true strength is always to be found within rather than without; that adversity is a sign of a time yet succumbing to circumstances or rising above them is a matter of choice and that responsibility yields power.

To be a motivational speaker means to be a messenger of empowerment, spurring the human spirit and awakening the greatest that is to be found in each of us. A true motivational speaker is one that lives their messages as oppose to putting an act for the audiences. Motivational speaking is not a trade that can be learnt, for it is not the words that make the difference but rather the person uttering them.