JLMC Directions

Targeting Fraud Awareness

John Moore is on a personal mission to combat fraud. Eliminating mortgage fraud, which accounts for 25% of all financial institution losses and costs U.S. companies more than $60 billion annually, is a major initiative of JLMC. Several departments: Training, Quality Control, and Marketing have joined forces to launch a company-wide campaign to build and maintain awareness about the devastating costs to the industry, and to JLMC's bottom line.

John Moore and Andi Harris of the Training Department have devised several creative strategies to bring fraud to the forefront--making sure that operations and sales staff keep a lookout for, and recognize red flag scenarios that signal something is amiss with a loan file.

Using the concept of targeting fraud, they created a dartboard target with brief descriptions of fraud schemes and how to take action. The decorative dartboards- meant to be hung in each cubicle-serve as constant visual reminders to keep on the lookout for the telltale warning signs in a 1003 application or an inflated appraisal. To reinforce the concept, the Marketing Department designed a bright, eye-catching target poster for display at every JLMC location.

Where in the world is John Moore?

Paraphrasing the title of the "Carmen San Diego" children"s television series, "Where in the World is John Moore?" serves to publicize that John will be taking the fraud awareness campaign on the road to each JLMC location. Recently, he spent two weeks in the Dallas office, meeting with operations staff, getting insights about levels of awareness and providing one-on-one consultations. "The goal is to build awareness about the company's commitment to combating fraud and insuring loan quality."

Training Courses

The Training Department conducts Fraud Awareness courses for employees: Level I is an introduction and overview of fraud. In Level II, participants use an actual file folder to learn how to spot fraud. According to John, a Level III course will be introduced in the fall of this year that will include testing and certification. These courses are mandatory for all operations and sales staff.

"I'm passionate about fraud awareness education," says John. "I want to make sure that we succeed-not just as individuals--but as company."