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Mortgage Fraud Protection Seminar

Detecting and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud
JLMC's Mortgage Fraud Protection Seminar, Detecting and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud, is a hands-on training seminar designed to walk you through the key elements of detecting and preventing loan fraud. It is the most comprehensive fraud training program available!

Why You Should Attend?
The Fraud Awareness Seminar benefits all industry professionals who are involved in either loan production, quality control, risk management, auditing, compliance monitoring, or loan closing activities.

This same seminar was "sold out" last August, so don't delay.

Attend the Detecting and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud Seminar and:

  • Learn the top 10 most common and costly fraud indicators
  • Examine the intricacies of how to detect and question fraudulent documentation
  • Know and understand when to investigate further to minimize your losses
  • Recognize the "red flag" fraud indicators along with preventative recommendations
  • Find out about the new Fraud Filter Systems, automation in fraud detection and much more

Coaching has always been natural to me. All my life I have been a supportive shoulder, problem solver and cheerleader to friends and family. In the Corporate Training business I've always enjoyed a good challenge or problem to solve because doing so was rewarding. I didn't know I was actually coaching the whole time.


Day I

National Mortgage Fraud Statistics

  • Universe of the Mortgage Fraud Problem
  • Geographic "Hot Spots"
  • Trends and Patterns
  • Predatory Lending

Overview of the FBI's Role in Mortgage Fraud Detection and Prosecution

Fraud Management, Detection, and Avoidances

  • Appraisal Fraud
  • Property "Flipping"
  • Credit Manipulation
  • Application Fraud
  • Altered Documents
  • Occupancy Fraud
  • False Assets
  • Employment - Income, W2s, Tax Returns
  • Escrows/Sales Contracts
  • Foreclosure/Builder Bailout

Day II

Loan Closing Fraud Indicators

  • Title
  • Closing Instructions
  • HUD-I
  • "Air Loans"

Servicing Scams

Automation in Fraud Detection

Fraud Management Team


Fraud Filter Effectiveness

Campaign for Fraud Protection

Be on Target - Fraud Awareness CampaignJLMC's goal for 2005 is to implement 100% Fraud Awareness. With Increased Fraud Awareness in place JLMC can Improve Loan Quality, Reduce Fraud and Risks and last but not least Increase Profits! Please welcome John Moore as he visits each of our regional offices educating us on the different types of loan fraud, how it's identified and how to prevent it.

Look out for John Moore from JLMC Inc. He will visit each of your regional offices introducing himself to you and educating your company on Loan Quality through Fraud Awareness. During his visits he will be distributing fun tools, email tips and training materials about loan fraud.

Here are some of the campaign that JLMC bring to your organization

How much do you know about Loan Fraud? John Moore will be coming to your office to quiz you!

Correctly answer one of John's questions about fraud and receive a special gift!

Example questions include:

  1. The standard Credit Report on your borrower includes a fraud alert. What steps do you take?
  2. What is the definition of an Arms Length transaction?
  3. If a borrower's pay stub appears to be unusual or altered what should you do?
  4. What facts can readily be crosschecked from the file or other schedules and/or verified on a W-2?
  5. What is the difference between "fraud for housing" (FFH) and "fraud for profit" (FFP)?