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Advertise your business or service with JLMC, Inc.

JLMC, Inc. is proud to announce our banner exchange advertising program. The banner exchnage program allows you to submit your banner ads to JLMC and in exchnage download and place one of our comparable banner ads on your site. The purpose behind the banner exchange program is to increase exposure with relevant graphical advertisements that visually engage users and help convey the value of your product or brand. These ads will appear on the content pages of our site that are relevant to your business or service.

Ad Formats
Image ads will appear in four ad formats - leaderboard, banner, inline rectangle and skyscraper (includes IAB standard sizes). See examples.

Download one of JLMC's banner ads

Copy the HTML code below, and paste paste it into the HTML code on your webpage.

HTML Code: <img src="/images/jlmc_468x60_banner.gif" width="468" height="60"/>