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Life Coach

Although the process and results of coaching can be therapeutic, coaching is not therapy. The focus of coaching is identifying target performance and developing strategic actions and thinking process that will move toward achievement of those target goals.

Consulting offers answers and expertise in a specific area. Coaching facilitates discovery by assisting the client in finding his or her own unique answers. Many coaches have consulting expertise that can be integrated with coaching, it is important to be clear with a client and to distinguish what is coaching and what is consulting.

In training, there is a specific learning agenda and the trainer's job is to provide a structure for learning a specific skills set or body of information. In coaching, the client designs the agenda and the job of the coach is to hold the focus on whatever the agenda the client designs.

Essential Elements of Coaching:

1. Occurs over time   1. Is proactive and responsive
2. Operates from a client initiated agenda   2. Refers to other professionals
3. Based on a designed alliance   3. Includes some form of planning and goal setting
4. Fosters discovery and self-learning   4. Client is held accountable
5. Builds awareness and responsibility   5. Addresses attitude and behavior

Coaching has always been natural to me. All my life I have been a supportive shoulder, problem solver and cheerleader to friends and family. In the Corporate Training business I've always enjoyed a good challenge or problem to solve because doing so was rewarding. I didn't know I was actually coaching the whole time